James Cameron to cast himself into the heart of the ocean, or the abyss, or whatever James Cameron joke you prefer

Bored with giving speeches about 3-D and taking money baths, this week James Cameron sought new adventures and faraway places where people couldn’t ask him about Avatar 2 by traveling five miles beneath the ocean, off the coast of Papua New Guinea, all in a 43-inch-wide craft officially dubbed the Deepsea Challenger and unofficially dubbed the Fuck You, Richard Branson. And while that alone was enough to break the world depth record for solo undersea travel, Cameron is already planning on topping that later this month by diving seven miles down into the forbidding Challenger Deep in the western Pacific—a feat only achieved once before in 1960, in a vehicle that barely survived and that lasted only 20 minutes before resurfacing. It also did not have any famous directors on it.

You’ll be able to follow Cameron’s voyage at this website, while Cameron’s co-sponsor the National Geographic Society says that not only will he be collecting important samples for scientific research, he’ll be filming the whole thing for two eventual documentaries, thus continuing a long tradition of James Cameron films set at sea like The Abyss, Titanic, and the upcoming Avatar sequels. Of course, that’s what National Geographic would have us believe. A more logical explanation would be that James Cameron, bored of lording over dry land, is expanding his dominion to become Fish Emperor, and soon even the world’s und


Girls Against Boys

Director & Screenwriter: Austin Chick A psychological thriller about two girls on a killing spree. With edgy and ironic humor and a darkly meditative tone, it is also a coming-of-age story about a girl learning how the world really works. Cast: Danielle Panabaker, Nicole LaLiberte, Liam Aiken, Michael Stahl-David, Andrew Howard (World Premiere)

Film Synopsis from SXSW.com

WHO’S IT FOR? If you crave a somewhat serious, somewhat psychotic take of women taking revenge on all men, then Girls Against Boys is for you.


We’ve all heard the saying “boys against girls” on the playground. That’s the way I’ve said it, probably because I’m a boy. Now it’s time to turn the tables. That’s right … it’s Girls Against Boys, wouldn’t that be fun?

Well, that’s not what you get with this misleading title (if you interpret it my way). It’s not fast or funny, and anything beyond that feels ordinary.

The film follows Shae (Panabaker) as a woman who is treated like a piece of meat. First, it’s by a 35-year-old (Howard from Limitless who doesn’t look 35) married man, then by a guy after a drunken night. It’s not shocking that someone so attractive as Shae can attract this many assholes. It’s also not surprising that the film has a character attack and sexual assault Shae. Yeah, I blame the film and not the character. That’s just one of the problems that feels forced into this film.

Luckily (I guess), not only do assholes notice Shae, so does Lu (LaLiberte). She has Emma Stone’s looks, along with some psycho eyes.

The theme of revenge is treated seriously. The film is slow to start. Those two things make it next to impossible to enjoy the destruction that Shae and Lu take up. It’s not even unsettling because it doesn’t feel real. It also doesn’t make much sense. It’s not like they have a kill list of men who need to die, and Shae is shockingly fine with the violence, until she’s shockingly over it. There is no one to root for and eventually I just didn’t want anyone else to die. The whole time I kept thinking, “See, this is why mom’s need to answer the phone and not be working when their children call.” By the time we meet Tyler (Aiken) I see what they could have done to make this film more engaging for me. Tyler is easily someone to root for, but comes along to late. What he represents to Shae could have been introduced in the beginning. Something/someone for us to hope Shae can find her way back to.

Girls Against Boys seems like a movie that is trying to make some point about the sexes. It doesn’t break down any barriers that feel fresh or exciting.

Brian Koppelman & David Levien Writing ‘National Treasure 3′; Finish Script For ‘City Of The Sun’

You probably forgot, likely because you don’t care, but last spring mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that a “National Treasure 3” was in the works and then we didn’t really hear anything since. But it appears that work is now underway.

In an interview with Done Deal Pro (via Bleeding Cool) screenwriters Brian Koppelman and David Levien (“Rounders,” “Ocean’s Thirteen,” “The Girlfriend Experience” ) have revealed they are taking their pens to the sequel and are priming their next film to helm saying, “We just finished the screenplay for our next film to direct, an adaptation of David’s book ‘City Of The Sun,’ and are now working on ‘National Treasure 3′ for Bruckheimer.”

It’s not a real surprise that another “National Treasure” is in the works; the films print money. The first entry did $347 million worldwide, while the sequel took in $457 million. Not bad at all. And while we don’t particularly care for the franchise, Koppelman and Levien are some hugely talented folks and we’d wager whatever they’re cooking up will make it worth watching (if it isn’t put through the committee wringer at the studio). No word yet on who will direct — Jon Turteltaub just signed on for the the romcom “Unreasonable Doubt” — but he and Nicolas Cage have now done three films together (the “National Treasure” pics as well as “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice“) and we would guess he’ll be roped in for a third installment as well.

As for “City Of The Sun” it’s based off Levien’s book and it’s a project they been looking to make as their follow-up to “Solitary Man” for some time now. When we spoke to the writers last year they told us at the time that work was still moving on the project, so we’re glad to see they’ve put a period on it and we presume they’ll start the process of finding a home for the film. The story revolves around parents who hire an ex-cop with checkered past to find their kidnapped son, and end up coming against a depraved real estate tycoon which has hands in all kinds of illegal business. Sounds like some pretty solid material and nice gear change for the duo, so we hope it comes together soon.

For now, if you missed “Solitary Man” do yourself a favor and go rent it. It’s easily one of the most slept on films of last year.