Nominated for 10 Academy Awards® and winner for Best Picture, it’s the film that inspired a nation! Audiences and critics alike cheered this American success story of an “everyman” triumphing over all odds. Featuring a dynamic musical score, a thrilling fight sequence and four Oscar® – nominated performances, this rousing crowd-pleaser will send spirits soaring.

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is a Philadelphia club fighter who seems to be going nowhere. But when a stroke of fate puts him in the ring with a world heavyweight champion, Rocky knows that it’s his one shot at the big time; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go the distance and come out a winner!


The Drummer

Chloë Grace Moretz and Rupert Grint have joined the all-star cast of The Drummer, the biopic of Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson from directing and writing duo Randall Miller and Jody Savin Aaron Eckhart is portraying Wilson while Vera Farmiga is playing Fleetwood Mac member and Wilson’s lover Christine McVie in the project tackling the last six years of Wilson’s life (he died in 1983), when the singer-songwriter released

Forget Bollywood — Mumbai enjoys fight nights

Reuters) – The small wooden door in a film studio complex deep within the heart of Mumbai creaks open to pumping music, a beer-guzzling crowd and two men raining punches and kicks onto each other in the makeshift ring.

Welcome to India’s very own fight night.

First started around three years ago by Full Contact Championship FCC.L, a company founded to promote mixed martial arts, fight nights are slowly gaining popularity in India, a nation where people traditionally have had no inclination to pay money to watch somebody be physically beaten in front of them.

But increasing globalisation, and years of growing up watching overseas professional wrestling broadcasts, have given younger Indians a taste for seeing the real thing themselves.

“The first time I went into a fight ring, I froze for a few seconds. There were so many people cheering for me, especially girls,” said a blushing Sangram “Slammer” Bhakre, a 21-year-old mixed martial arts fighter.

Sangram, who is also preparing for his third-year university exams, is a trained wrestler, boxer and wushu fighter who is something of a hero in his local club in Kolhapur, a town 400 km (250 miles) south of Mumbai.

He is like many of the young fighters who take part in the fight nights, young men trained in different types of martial arts who come from small towns where such training is becoming popular. Sangram spent nine hours on a bus to reach India’s commercial and financial hub — a journey he makes twice a year.

The fighters come for quick money and cheering by a live audience. A fighter can make 10,000 to 20,000 Indian rupees from a single bout, which sometimes lasts less than a minute. The average Indian monthly income is about 4,416 rupees, according to government data.


The evenings are organised by Prashant Kumar, a trained mixed martial arts fighter who runs an advertising firm and said he dreamed of bringing the concept to India ever since first seeing it in the United States a decade go.

“The audience is increasing with every fight night as it’s a cheap mode of live entertainment for big spenders in this city,” Kumar said.

“People are getting bored of watching sports on television. They want to see and feel the pulse of it by being a few meters away from the action.”

Fight nights take place in hired studios in Mumbai otherwise used for Bollywood film shoots. The audience is invited mostly through word of mouth and social networking sites like Facebook.

The overall event usually lasts for 3 hours with around eight or nine matches in different weight categories. Every bout consists of three rounds of 10-12 minutes, and most end in knockouts.

Following each night is an after party. Kumar gives free entry with every fight night pass, along with two cans of beer.

“For me it’s money to party and also a ticket to become popular with the girls in college who like boys who fight,” said a young fighter who prefers anonymity since his parents have yet to find out he participates.

The audience consists of expats, young men and women working in multinational companies and sometimes even families — anybody able to fork out the 1,000 rupees for a ticket.

“I cannot believe I am watching this in Mumbai,” exclaims Anubhav, a 30-year-old banker.

“Next time I am going to bring 10 of my friends. This is amazing. This is pure action with real blood

Chinese Movie Poster Rip-Offs and More Fake Movie Posters by “Walt” Artist

China is one of the bigger movie pirates on the planet. But the country doesn’t just sell bootleg copies of US movies, it also rips off movie posters for their own films. Thanks to WenxueCity, we now have a few of these posters.

In addition, Pascal Witaszek has unveiled more of his posters for movies that don’t exist. Witaszek is the artist behind the poster for “Walt,” a fake movie about the life of Walt Disney. On the poster, Ryan Gosling is shown as a young Disney coming up with the idea of Mickey Mouse.

His other posters are just as creative and just as remarkable. If Witaszek doesn’t end up being a famous movie poster designer, he may have a future as a casting director.

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Third Horse Died on HBO’s “Luck” Set

Despite still being in first season, HBO’s “Luck” horse-racing TV series, starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, has been having a bit of trouble keeping its horses alive. After having two of them die during production, PETA wrote a letter to LA District Attorney, asking for an investigation of the set.

No immediate action was taken, and then the very next day, a third horse died. “All the evidence we have gathered points to sloppy oversight, the use of unfit, injured horses, and disregard for the treatment of race horses,” said PETA, which is asking for filming to stop.

HBO responded by stating: “An American Humane Association Certified Safety Representative was on the premises when the accident occurred, and as always, all safety precautions were in place.

Jolie and Pitt plan to marry before autumn

Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly plan to marry before autumn.

The couple, who are rumoured to be expecting twin boys, want to marry in time for the arrival of the babies later this year.

“Angie (Jolie) is expecting twins this fall, so it is making them feel a time crunch. They decided they’d both like to welcome their twin boys to the world as man and wife, which means the wedding has to happen fairly soon,” reports

Angelina Jolie, 36, and Brad Pitt, 48, who already have six children, are said to have been through a rough time. But they came to the decision to wed after appearing together at

Mahtab Entertainment Searching Indie Projects

On the set of an untitled music video I had the opportunity to speak with Solmaz Niki-Kermani from Mahtab Entertainment. She only had a few minutes to spare since she was directing the video. I was also asked not to disclose the name of the pop idol luckily Perez Hilton was not on the scene.

Solmaz told me that her newly created Mahtab Entertainment has been aggressive searching out projects that have an indie feel and the ability to cross borders and cultures like a Slum Dog Millionaire. As CEO of Mahtab Entertainment, Solmaz explains she wears many hats however acting is her first love although in the meantime she is utilizing her business background and international contacts to turn Mahtab Entertainment into a company that specializes in obtaining 100% financing for features by raising private equity.

– Judy Pigeon